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Contribution list: Speakers for ICANS2023
Pascale Deen, ESS: Update from ESS
Igor Remec, SNS: STS project at ORNL
Thomas Prokscha, PSI: overview talk of muon facilities
Richard Dronskowski, Aachen University: POWTEX at POWGEN
Ping Miao, CSNS: HRPD with elliptic focusing under commissioning
Yan Wu, ORNL: Facility update and diffraction at SNS
Artur Glavic, PSI: ESTIA/AMOR
He Cheng, CSNS: slit focusing VSANS under commissioning
Paul Stephens, ILL: MARMOT Si crystal analyzer
Adrien Perrichon, ISIS: new Tosca+ spectrometer to be built at ISIS (Endeavour project)
Pascale Deen, ESS: CSPEC
Seiko Kawamura, J-PARC: Recent upgrades on AMATARES
Alessandro Tengattini, ILL: new tomography beamline NEXT at the ILL
Xiaohu Li, CSNS: Engineering diffraction at CSNS
Gøran Nilsen, ISIS: polarisation on LET for QENS, design of SHERPA and a supermirror
analyser for WISH
Takayuki Oku, MLF: Status of the He-3 spin filter station at MLF
Xin Tong, CSNS: Neutron polarization platform focus on 3He at CSNS
Christine Klauser, PSI: Wide-Angle Solid State Polarization Analysis for MAGiC
Peter Falus, ILL: update on WASP, wide angle spin echo spectrometer
Fankang Li, ORNL:Resonance spin-echo options using Wollaston prisms at HFIR
Irina Stefanescu, ESS: Boron-based detectors
Zhijia Sun, CSNS: The future and the present of neutron detectors for instruments @ CSNS
Zaher Salman, PSI: Muon tracking detectors
Gediminas Simutis, PSI: SINQ and SμS High Pressure Program
Yasuhiro Inamura, MLF: Event-mode stroboscopic experiments with sample environments
Haitao Hu, CSNS: Development of Sample Environment at CSNS
Yu Bao, CSNS: MELODY project of CSNS-II, design & development of the first muon
facility in China
Nari Kawamura, J-PARC: MUSE facility status of J-PARC
Sohtaro Kanda, J-PARC: Low energy muons update and future developments
Thomas Prokscha, PSI: Target/HIMB and FLAME.
ZiWen Pan, CSNS: Muon spectrometer design for the first muon facility in China.
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