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Presenter Information

Oral Presentations

The classroom style seating rooms will be equipped with the following
audio-visual equipment: 
Laptop with Windows operating system
Lapel and/or hand-held microphone

Direct connection of personal laptops is not permitted. It is preferred you upload your talk directly to the timetable on the conference website. Speakers can also bring their presentations on a USB memory stick in pdf or ppt format. 

Speakers should upload their presentation to the website or PC in the room before or in the break preceding their session. A talk can be uploaded onto the website timetable at any time. 

Poster presentations

Posters will be on display in Meeting rooms where all coffee breaks and vendors will be. Dedicated poster sessions are scheduled in the agenda.
Adhesive material for posters will be available. Please note that during the poster session, the author should stand close to their board to answer questions and facilitate discussions regarding their work.

Posters must be no larger than A0 size or 36 x 48 inches.  Both landscape and portrait orientation are acceptable. 

Poster setup and removal

On the day of an author's poster session, the author can place their poster up beginning at 8:00 am so they can be viewed during all breaks throughout the day.
All posters have to be in place by 3:00 pm on the day of your poster session. Posters will need to be removed immediately after the poster session ends. 

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