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Goodwill Precision Machinery(Dongguan) Co., Ltd, abbreviation for GPM.

Goodwill Precision Machinery(Dongguan) Co., Ltd, abbreviation for GPM. GPM has dedicated in precision CNC machining and industry project supporting for more than 19 years from 2004. Base on precision CNC machining service, GPM offer precision parts and assembly, optical measuring machine and services, non-standard automation equipment, new energy supply with diversity, cross-original, collectivize development strategy, established Germany and Japan subsidiary, international multi-language industry service internet, to be a high-tech industry support services enterprise of research, production and sales. Till now support middle-high market in domestic, Europe, Japan, US, Australia…, continuous offering high quality services to semiconductor, new energy, medical, telecom, automotive, optical, lighting, aerospace…

GPM Dongguan is dedicate in offering all kinds of high-end level precision parts , fixture & jig assembly , automation equipment design and assembly. Customer define GPM as a SUPERMARKT for one-stop industry project services. Base on average 20 years experience of multinational technical management team, high-end imported hardware group, and strictly quality control system , GPM runs well and healthy , and gain customer’s trust, high praise and strategy cooperation…!

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