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Shanghai Medical Instruments Impt.& Expt. Co., Ltd.(SMIC)

Shanghai Medical Instruments Impt.& Expt. Co., Ltd.(SMIC) is fully invested by Shanghai Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. which is specialized in High-Tech instruments R&D, manufacturing, sales,investment and service. Being a state-owned enterprise it belongs to Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., one of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world. SMIC has always focused on the field of High-Tech devices and biomedicine, and continued to improve the professional and technological content of products. We can make full use of our international sales network and play to the strengths of import and export services. In the future, SMIC will actively grasp strategic opportunities, adapt to industrial changes, do a good job in the global layout, and strive to become a supplier with industry reputations.

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