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Mirrotron Company Bio for the Program Book / Website


The World of Neutrons: Neutron Optics and Instrumentation

Distributor partner in P.R.China:

Shanghai Medical Instruments Company - SMIC ‪‪‬‬

Key Products: Novel Designed Supermirror Neutron Guides; Beam Shutters; Disc-, Fermi- & T0 Choppers; Neutron Beam Monitoring & Detection Systems, and Flexible & Hard Neutron Shielding, Heavy-, and/or Borated Concrete Gamma Radiation Shielding. The main profile of Mirrotron is custom designed neutron optic devices and beamline components supply for neutron research institutes worldwide. Mirrotron committed to design and supply full range of high-quality devices – neutron supermirror guides, single crystal monochromators, polarizers, choppers, slits, shielding and beam monitors, detectors – for neutron experiments or whole turn-key instruments. Property owner of 7 patents including: Mirrobor™: 83% B4C & 0,85% H content flexible neutron shielding. Novel,Low Efficiency Beam Monitor: ≤ 5,5 x 10-5 @ 1,8Å.

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